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Tuft-ASI Partnership



Over the years, Tuft has collaborated on selected projects with Washington, DC-based Association Strategies, Inc., which is led by CEO Pamela Kaul. Throughout our professional alliance, Tuft and ASI have co-led numerous executive searches for associations, nonprofits, and other organizations.

For selected engagements, the Tuft-ASI partnership brings added value—a unique combination of talents, resources, and contacts to serve clients nationwide.

Collaboration is, however, just one aspect in our individual portfolios. Our two firms continue to operate independently with our own clients in our own areas of specialization. But we will seek new engagements where we can effectively assist clients with our full range of services from executive search to board consulting.

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Association Strategies, Inc. is currently expanding its popular board consulting services related to executive coaching, organizational development, and board management and governance. Tuft continues to specialize in executive search services in five practice areas with our experienced team of executive and nursing search consultants.

“ASI has been a trusted business ally for many years. Our collaboration builds on a strong foundation, mutual trust, and shared expertise,” says Jill Christie, Tuft president.
“This partnership has always benefited both firms’ clients, and we’ll continue to work together to meet the changing leadership needs of associations and other institutions,” says ASI’s Pamela Kaul.

Based in the heart of the nation’s capital, Association Strategies, Inc. (ASI) is a premier consulting firm that specializes in board governance, leadership development, executive search, and transition management. During its 30-year history, ASI and its award-winning staff have helped trade associations, professional societies, and nonprofits—especially those of national and international scale—find top-notch talent and transition to best-practice strategies and operations.

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We’re ready to tell you more about how the Tuft-ASI partnership can help you meet your executive search and leadership needs.

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