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Internal Candidates: Be Ready To Compete

Don’t assume you automatically have the inside track, Tuft President Jill Christie advises internal candidates in executive searches. “Be well-prepared and ready to compete to get the job,” she stressed in the most recent CEO Update.

In some cases, internal candidates may have the edge in top job searches because they can hit the ground running, she says. But many times, current employees who become candidates in executive searches can face concerns that they “won’t—or can’t—bring in fresh perspectives,” says Christie.

As a result, internal candidates need to be fully prepared to compete successfully in an executive search. Important tips include:

• Identify organizational weaknesses and limitations, and how you’ll address them.
• Stress your willingness to embrace cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking programs or services.

See the full article, “Ask the recruiter—How internal candidates can boost chances in job search,” in CEO Update (subscription required).