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Profile Methodology

The profile for the position of Executive Director & CEO (ED & CEO) of the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) was developed based on organizational data and interviews with MAG leaders, volunteers, and staff. These discussions were conducted to identify and prioritize the skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and qualities required and desired in a next ED & CEO. Information regarding programs and services, organizational and cultural factors, and challenges and opportunities for MAG was also developed from these discussions.


Founded in 1849, the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is the leading advocate for physicians in the state. MAG focuses on legislative and legal and third-party payer issues.

MAG’s mission is to, “Enhance patient care and the health of the public by advancing the art and science of medicine and by representing physicians and patients in the policy making process.”

MAG has more than 8,000 members, including physicians in every specialty and practice setting. MAG’s membership has increased by more than 35 percent since 2010. MAG has a long-standing and well-earned reputation as the leading voice and advocate for physicians in Georgia.

There are 50 county medical societies in Georgia. Like most county medical societies around the country, these organizations have experienced many challenges as more physicians have competing interests. MAG enjoys a close working relationship with these constituent groups, as well as specialty societies and other state medical associations and the American Medical Association (AMA).

The House of Delegates (HOD) is MAG’s primary legislative and policy-making body. It generally meets in conjunction with MAG’s annual meeting. It can also be convened in special session to conduct extraordinary business. The HOD consists of delegates who represent county medical societies, specialty societies that meet minimum membership requirements, and a number of sections – including International Medical Graduates, Medical Students, Resident Physicians, and Young Physicians. The MAG Board of Directors and the MAG Executive Committee decide association matters between HOD meetings.

MAG has five standing committees, including Annual Session, Constitution and Bylaws, Finance, the Council on Legislation, and the Judicial Council. It also has two special committees, including Continuing Medical Education and Correctional Medicine. MAG has a number of task forces that currently do the work traditionally completed by committees.

Headquartered in Atlanta, MAG has a staff of 20 professionals and a budget of $5M. The ED & CEO serves as the chief administrative partner to the elected President and reports to the President and Executive Committee.

MAG Programs and Services

MAG delivers its mission through the following key endeavors:

  • Advocacy
  • Legislative
  • Legal
  • Tort Reform
  • MOC
  • Payer & Claims Support


  • E-News from MAG
  • E-News from the Capitol
  • Georgia Pulse
  • Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia


  • MAG401K
  • MAG Health Plan
  • MAG Insurance Agency, LLC
  • MAG Insurance Solutions, LLC
  • MAG COVID 19 Resource Center
  • ‘Top Docs’ Recordings
  • MAG CME Accreditation Resources
  • MAG Correctional Medicine Resources

MAG Institute for Excellence in Medicine

  • MAG Medical Reserve Corps
  • MAG Cannabis Committee

MAG Foundation

  • Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy
  • ‘Think About It’ Initiative
  • Dancy Student Loan Fund
  • Distressed Physician Fund

Standing Committees

Annual Session

Constitution and Bylaws


Council on Legislation

Judicial Council

Special Committees

Continuing Medical Education

Correctional Medicine

MAG’s Challenges and Vision

  • Continue to evolve into an organization that fosters, respects, and promotes a diversity reflective of its membership and of society.   Explore pathways to mentorship for the formerly underrepresented so that they may grow into MAG leadership roles;
  • Recognize that reengineering of MAG and a refocused vision are necessary to maintain relevance for, and to promote growth of membership;
  • Becoming more inclusive to stay relevant; embracing diversity in practice, gender, race, ethnicity, geography, medical specialty and ideas;
  • Structure MAG staff to be position to optimally adapt to the emerging vision;
  • Build on staff capabilities particularly in the areas of business management, insurance, and benefits, video production and teleconferencing, advertising and marketing, and web design, web hosting, and app creation;
  • Develop multiple ancillary revenue streams designed to diminish, if not minimize, the importance of membership dues revenue to annual budgetary needs;
  • Illustrate, communicate, and ensure membership relevance to employed model members. Continue to employ membership retention and expansion strategies targeted to large physician group employers;
  • Maintain cash reserves and solvency; begin to build an endowment designed with the goal of being able to annually fund the entire operating budget from annual endowment earnings;
  • Continue to explore and enact opportunities to operationally diversify MAG;
  • Leverage emerging technologies to maintain and extend membership engagement;
  • Transform component medical societies into robust functional organizations;
  • Continue to promote to members, potential members and partners MAG’s state advocacy efforts as an essential element to an unencumbered and stress free practice environment.


MAG seeks a visionary leader to continue and enhance the association’s momentum for its next ED & CEO. In a healthcare landscape that will continue to be impacted by the COVID epidemic in ways that are still unknown, the ED & CEO will have the skills to bring together a wide array of people and ideas and lead with vision and authority. The next ED & CEO will demonstrate an inclusive management style, knowing how to utilize data as a tool for setting goals, measuring success, building consensus, and communicating results. The ED & CEO will be a relationship builder, working at the highest levels of government, medicine, and industry, and with the members and staff.

The ED & CEO is responsible for carrying out the mandates, policies and directives of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and House of Delegates. The ED & CEO is responsible for assisting the President and other officers and directors with their duties as well as ensuring the smooth functioning of all committees.

The ED & CEO appropriately administers and safeguards all funds, physical assets and other MAG property and is responsible for establishing and achieving the operating and financial objectives, of MAG, MAG Foundation and MAG business interests. The ED & CEO serves as Executive Director of the MAG Foundation and is responsible for establishing and achieving the operating and financial objectives, and for the growth of the Foundation. The Foundation is governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees.

In both these roles, the Executive Director & CEO is the public face of MAG. In this position, he/she provides vision and leadership to, and frequent communication with, the many other stakeholders affecting healthcare. These include the Georgia Congressional Delegation, General Assembly, the Office of the Governor, Department of Health and Human Services, Medical Board, and many others.

The Leadership Opportunity

Reporting to the President and the Executive Committee, the ED & CEO leads the organization in executing all aspects of its mission and will be called upon to fulfill the following key responsibilities:

Leadership and Strategy

Working closely with the Board of Directors in fulfilling MAG’s mission, serve as advisor to the Board, providing data, insight and options to facilitate the Board’s fiduciary responsibility and decision-making. In concert with the Board, develop, monitor and update as appropriate strategic plans and financial expectations, establish short-and long-term goals, measurable objectives, and time frames to implement agreed-upon programs and services.


Maintain and grow MAG membership and assure that all efforts are made to meet the needs of existing and potential members. Build a large tent that attracts a diverse membership inclusive of gender, race, age, specialty, location, and type of practice.

Staff Management

Manage MAG personnel, including hiring, discipline and termination. Build upon a positive work culture that supports a productive, professional work environment. Ensure staff members work effectively toward shared goals and a unified vision for the Association.

Financial Management

Direct and oversee the financial integrity of MAG, the MAG Foundation and all MAG business entities. Assist in the development and approval of MAG’s annual budget and ensure Association operations are within budget. Execute all necessary and appropriate disbursements, contracts and other documents. Think creatively and analytically about how to increase MAG’s impact while being fiscally responsible.


Design, implement and advance an advocacy agenda to promote MAG’s strategic objectives. Maintain and build key relationships. Amplify the influence of MAG at the state level and build consensus among members to advance the agenda. 


Develop and maintain effective internal and external communications to members with membership and outside organizations and stakeholders to enhance the position and prestige of MAG.

Board Relations

Maintain regular communications with the Board of Directors and provide them with the necessary support, counsel, and information required for effective governance. Ensure a quality process for supporting the Board and their involvement in fundraising, strategic planning, and increasing overall visibility. Serve as the main point of contact for general inquiries from Board members and liaison with Board committees as necessary.

Attributes of the New Leader

The new leader must demonstrate a firm commitment to and passion for the MAG mission and vision. In addition, he or she should possess a variety of attributes, including:

  • Positive, visionary and forward-thinking leader who motivates volunteers, board, staff, donors, and partners;
  • Comfort working with, and requesting support from, key influencers in politics, medicine and industry;
  • Values equity, access, inclusion;
  • Strategic and collaborative relationship builder;
  • Critical thinking skills;
  • High social and emotional intelligence;
  • Unwavering integrity and sound judgment;
  • Hard worker; High energy;
  • A good listener; inclusive;
  • A consensus builder among diverse constituencies, in order to further common goals and objectives.

Skills and Qualifications

  • A graduate or advanced degree is strongly preferred;
  • Minimum seven years of relevant executive or senior-level experience with physicians and volunteer Boards in a healthcare setting, with demonstrated success in organizational management including staff leadership, fundraising, advocacy, operations, and strategic planning;
  • Strong familiarity with state and federal legislative and regulatory arenas;
  • Knowledge of and ability to develop and executive an advocacy agenda on behalf of a membership association;
  • Strategic business acumen with a strong track record in operations, finance, and budgeting;
  • Demonstrated success in building and maintaining relationships across a wide spectrum of personalities and professions with a strategic focus on a strong staff and volunteer base;
  • A track record in preparing and supporting individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational change;
  • The ability to listen and inspire others through written and verbal communications;
  • Successful track record of internal and external team building and cultivating relationships among all stakeholder groups.

Salary offered for this position is commensurate with experience and the size of the MAG budget.

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