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The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) invites candidates for the position of Executive Director. The ISMRM is a robust 30-year-old 501(c) (3) nonprofit society with an annual operating budget of $8 million and central office staff of 14 full time professionals. The ISMRM boasts a very active membership of over 8,000 and hosts numerous meetings and other activities throughout the year at international venues. The Executive Director reports to the Society’s 25-member Board of Trustees and has operational responsibility for all aspects of the Society’s mission, including policy, finance, events, and strategic/tactical planning. The ISMRM provides a scientific home for an incredibly engaged, exceptionally collaborative, and warmly supportive global community.

The ideal candidate will possess the essential management, communication, and interpersonal skills, along with a global perspective, necessary to guide the Society through this dynamic era of ground-breaking technological advancements in magnetic resonance in medicine. This role encompasses not only the exciting changes within the field, but also the evolution of international scientific communication. Embedded within ISMRM’s constitution and integral to its processes is a commitment to global representation. At the ISMRM, there is deep reverence for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), which is reflected in every aspect of their work.  As the Society expands its community into new corners of the world, the successful candidate will be responsible for addressing the challenges of bolstering operational sustainability while fostering outreach to underserved regions across the globe.


The ISMRM is a global, collaborative and engaged community, forged by a shared passion for the advancement of science, technology, and the practical application of magnetic resonance in the realms of medicine and its interconnected disciplines. Beyond directly supporting its membership, the Society extends its reach to practitioners, patients, regulatory and governmental bodies, as well as industry stakeholders, fostering collaboration and knowledge dissemination across diverse spheres.

The Society’s multidisciplinary membership of over 8,000 comprises clinicians, physicists, engineers, computer scientists, biochemists, and technologists from 78 countries. In addition to its large annual meetings, the Society holds workshops and publishes two journals, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and a blog, MR Pulse. It also sponsors 34 distinct study groups on specific areas of scientific interest and 16 Chapters based on geographical location. Moreover, the Society boasts numerous active committees dedicated to enhancing a broad spectrum of magnetic resonance disciplines, including education, safety, finance, awards, historical archives, and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

A section of the ISMRM, the International Society for Magnetic Resonance Technologists (ISMRT) was founded to provide a forum for education, information, and research in the field of magnetic resonance with the primary objective of advancing the education and training for MR technologists worldwide.

Based in Concord, California, USA, in the San Francisco Bay area, incorporated as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit society, the ISMRM and ISMRT are governed by a 25-member Board of Trustees. The ISMRM Web site address is


The ISMRM Executive Director oversees staff and daily operations while actively engaging with all membership segments. The role encompasses formulating policies and budgetary recommendations, shaping services, programs, and administrative functions. The Executive Director also plays a pivotal role in nurturing corporate partnerships and persistently driving forward the missions and objectives of both the ISMRM and ISMRT.


The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Trustees, maintaining direct communication with the President when the Board is not in session. Additionally, the Executive Director will assume an ex officio role as a member of the Board. The role entails overseeing all staff and independent contractors, including defining roles, determining compensation and benefits, assessing performance, and strategically delegating tasks to best serve the Society’s goals, all in alignment with organizational policies.


  • Directs, and is responsible for, fiscal operations of the ISMRM and ISMRT including but not limited to: budget proposals; revenue and expense control within the ISMRM approved budget; cash receipts and disbursements; fixed asset management; and financial reporting.
  • Proposes an annual budget for adoption by the Board that reflects the priorities established by the ISMRM’s Strategic Plan; maintains a balanced budget unless otherwise approved by the ISMRM leadership.
  • Plans, designs, and recommends to the Board innovative programs and partnerships that are consistent with the Society’s mission, goals, and strategic plan to address member needs.
  • Strategizes, formulates, and executes an all-encompassing corporate relations and fundraising initiative aimed at propelling the ISMRM’s mission and, where appropriate, aligning ISMRM programs with corporate objectives. This involves research and fostering and optimizing relationships with corporate sponsors.
  • Coordinates the ISMRM public relations programs and serves as an ISMRM spokesperson on behalf of the Society to members, exhibitors, donors, journal contacts, hotel personnel, and the general public.
  • Monitors legislative issues relating to the Society’s mission and goals. Tracks, predicts, and promptly communicates emerging trends, challenges, and prospects to the ISMRM leadership team. Maintains a watchful eye on any developments that could impact the field of magnetic resonance in medicine at large. Stays current with the ongoing pursuits within the field, proposed legislative changes, and the undertakings of associations dedicated to magnetic resonance and medical sciences. Proactively notifies relevant volunteer leaders of these developments, ensuring timely and informed actions.
  • Takes responsibility for the Society’s online identity, maintaining the Society’s digital presence. Ensures the Society remains prominently visible in the online landscape, guaranteeing seamless access to a wealth of online resources, including valuable educational archives.
  • Ensures the ISMRM upholds an exceptional educational program, collaborating closely with both the Education Committee and the Annual Meeting Program Committee, and ensuring resources are in place for robust archiving of materials, and facilitating feedback on the program, to guarantee that the ISMRM continues to provide its members with globally unparalleled educational offerings.
  • Drives global outreach initiatives to expand the reach of our community into new regions, ensuring operational sustainability and fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) across all aspects of our endeavours.
  • Develops and maintains, along with the ISMRM leadership, collaborative relationships with others that are involved in magnetic resonance imaging/magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Represents ISMRM at forums necessitating the presence of the Executive Director.
  • With the President and Vice-President, plans and administers all meetings of the Board of Trustees, and all other functions of the organization. With the annual meeting programme committee and its chair, plans and administers the Annual Meeting. Leads the site selection for the Annual Meeting.
  • Ensures that, via the ISMRM Secretary, all meeting minutes and other official records are accurately prepared and maintained in a timely manner.
  • Works with the Board of Trustees in developing the ISMRM’s strategic plan and tactical, operational plan. Tracks performance against organizational goals and reports results to the Board on a biannual basis.
  • Advises the Editorial Boards on policy to maintain quality and cost-effective publications. Plays a pivotal role in advancing the ISMRM’s commitment to the Open Science agenda. promoting transparency, collaboration, and open access to research findings and data.
  • Ensures the required administrative and technical support of all ISMRM committees, workforces and member/constituent programs. Serves as a resource for program concepts and design/development of current or new programs and offers recommendations for new products, programs or relationships that could provide non-dues revenue sources.
  • Leads and holds accountability for the comprehensive spectrum of staff operations within the ISMRM. This includes but is not limited to: personnel administration; staff policy and procedure development and management; efficient resource allocation and management; workload/task planning; and management of physical assets.
  • Oversees the judicious and economic utilization of resources, advancing sustainability in its broadest scope, and upholding the Society’s commitment to ethical and responsible practices.
  • Carries out such other activities and general responsibilities as may be delegated from time to time by the Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee.


Candidates should possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, with a Master’s degree strongly preferred. Significant association leadership experience that includes fiscal and staff responsibility, is required; international experience is strongly preferred, along with a commitment to the international focus of the Society. Also required are excellent communication and interpersonal skills; a history of developing and executing large meetings; knowledge of continuing professional education; and very strong organizational skills, including the ability to manage multiple competing demands and prioritize appropriately. In summary, the Executive Director position requires a proven, skilled leader with the ability to think strategically, foster the continued growth of the organization, develop relevant and high-quality programs, and build a successful staff team.


The Executive Director position requires the ability to travel, approximately 10-20% of working hours including international. The position also requires a commitment to on site, in office presence at the ISMRM Central Office in Concord, California.


This search is being conducted by Jill Christie, President, Tuft & Associates, Inc. Qualified candidates should submit, in confidence, a resume and a cover letter that outlines relevant personal qualifications to:

  • Complete the resume submission form below, and include your resume and cover letter.
  • Email your resume and cover letter to Jill Christie, President,Tuft & Associates, Inc. at

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