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The profile for the position of President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) was developed based on organizational data, discussions with the Search Committee and IWLA staff, and a survey of IWLA stakeholders, including current and past members of the Board of Directors, Council Members and Search Committee.  The survey and discussions were conducted to identify and prioritize the skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and qualities required and desired in a next CEO.  Information regarding programs and services, organizational and cultural factors, and challenges and opportunities for the IWLA was also developed from the survey and discussions.


As the resource for warehouse logistics, IWLA is the only trade association that represents the interests of warehouse-based third party logistics (3PL) providers across North America. IWLA offers advocacy, business services, networking, and specialized education for warehouse owners, executives, and operators, and is beginning to offer programs for managers and employees of member companies. Since 1891, the IWLA has been promoting the growth of the warehouse logistics outsourcing industry.

Located in Des Plaines, IL, with an advocacy company in Washington D.C., IWLA has 386 warehouse company members and 150 partner company members, and is led by an 18-member Board of Directors.  With 11 full time staff, plus consultants and contractors, and an annual budget of $2.8M, IWLA is the unified voice of the warehouse logistics industry.  For more information, visit


The mission of IWLA is to assist its Warehouse and Partner Members in running successful warehouse-based logistics services businesses, and to promote the general business interests of persons, firms and corporations engaged in public and contract warehousing and related warehouse logistics services, and to promote a high standard of business ethics.


To be the most valued trade association for our members.


Board of Directors

The IWLA Board of Directors consists of eighteen elected directors. The officers of IWLA consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Convention Officer, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past Chairman and thirteen Directors. Board elections occur each March.

IWLA governance is through volunteer leadership in committees and chapters. These leaders mold the association to deliver high-value programs, products and services. These leaders also create and hone strategic initiatives based on industry and business needs.

Initiated by the IWLA Chairman of the Board of Directors, there are nine (9) committees that brainstorm new directions for a particular area of the association and prepare action items for members and staff.

Each committee contains a chairman, vice-chairman, a liaison from the Board of Directors, and an IWLA staff liaison. Each chairman appoints his/her committee members.


IWLA has statewide chapters where the saturation of IWLA member companies makes it possible, at the grassroots level, to identify state government regulations and laws that impact warehouse businesses. Chapter dues fund the state legislative activities that support members’ business interests.

California Chapter

The California Chapter creates events and webinars focused on the unique challenges and opportunities of doing business in California.


The President and CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.

Direct reports to the CEO include:

  • Vice President/Marketing
  • Director of Administrative and Human Resources
  • Government Affairs Director
  • Washington, DC Representative
  • Executive Director, California Chapter


IWLA presents an exceptional leadership opportunity to its next CEO. Among the responsibilities assigned to this position, the following leadership opportunities merit particular attention from the next CEO:

Industry/Government Affairs

Representation in Washington, D.C. helps IWLA keep up with (or ahead of) federal and state laws, and regulations that impact warehouse and logistical business. Lobbying guidance is essential to IWLA’s successful government affairs efforts in that members have a proactive voice in the Congressional decision-making process. In the fast-changing landscape of 3PL, opportunities exist to continue IWLA’s progress in influencing lawmakers and serving as the voice of the logistics and supply chain disciplines. Labor and work force development issues, as well as industry interrupters, pose unique challenges as well as opportunities for the IWLA.

Membership Value and Engagement

Opportunities exist for IWLA to continue to hone and clarify its value proposition and grow and retain membership across 3PL. Opportunities also exist for expansion in Mexico and Canada.  The CEO plays an important role in advising the Board of Directors on best practices for engagement and ensuring IWLA is working towards meeting the changing expectations and needs of members.  This is particularly true given the trend toward acquisition of family businesses and consolidation.

The new CEO will need to maintain an awareness of the state of technology and the effectiveness of IWLA’s systems, making plans to sustain and improve on them as needed.


The President and Chief Executive Officer directs and administers all aspects of the Association’s operations. This individual is responsible for the Association’s subsidiaries, including, IWLA Education and Research Foundation, the IWLA PAC, the Warehouse Advocacy Fund as well as councils, chapters and affiliated organizations. This individual also serves as President of the IWLA Insurance Company and administrator of the IWLA employee retirement and deferred compensation programs.

Specific Responsibilities Include:

  1. Advocacy and Public Affairs:
  • Directs the advocacy operation of IWLA in all sectors: Federal, State and Canadian
  • Leads the IWLA Warehouse Advocacy Fund, builds coalitions to work on regulatory or legislative issues, and helps create the IWLA’s political platform
  • As Treasurer of the PAC, oversees the annual recruitment and giving of donors
  • Oversees the annual PAC events and the disbursement of PAC funds
  • Oversees the IWLA grassroots advocacy program
  • As President and CEO, is recognized internationally as an expert leader and authority in the warehouse logistics industry
  1. Membership Development:
  • Oversees the Membership Marketing and Retention Plan for the attainment of membership goals
  • Provides a monthly variance report to the Executive Committee on progress toward the Membership Marketing and Retention Plan and reasons for variances, if any
  • Oversees the assessment and timely collection of all member dues
  • Collaborates with related associations to create joint outreach and advocacy efforts
  • Maintains positive relationships with members and sets an example of excellence in membership service
  • Provides leadership and initiates due diligence in the development of Association programs and services
  1. Board of Directors:
  • Develops the annual business plan, strategic plan, and budget converting them into specific goals and presents the plan for action to the Board of Directors
  • Plans for and assists the Chairman in conducting Board and Committee meetings
  • Stays current and advises the Board on best practices in not-for-profit governance, policies and procedures
  • Reports regularly to the Board on any material changes in the annual business plan or strategic plan, the reasons for the divergence and the course of action taken
  • Ensures timely production and delivery of all necessary materials and documents for the Board meeting
  • Maintains recordkeeping of all corporate minutes, proceedings and documents required for compliance with state and federal laws
  1. Personnel:
  • Maintains a sound and efficient staff structure, ensuring that talent and resources are aligned with IWLA’s strategic goals
  • Provides leadership to the Association staff for performance excellence, continuity of programs and appropriate office operations
  • Oversees the timely production and legal accuracy of all personnel files, handbooks and documents
  • Manages the Association’s benefit plans, consistent with Association policies, the employee handbook and all local, state and federal laws
  1. Convention, Education, and Member Services:
  • Participates in the Planning and Development of all New Programs and any updates to existing programs relative to content direction
  • Oversees the budgeting and budgets for each and every revenue generation program of the IWLA
  • Works with the Marketing and Communications staff to ensure that each and every program notes the benefit to members of what they will receive from their involvement in IWLA
  • Works with Committees to assure that the IWLA is advancing the industry and the members through services
  1. Finance:
  • Oversees the preparation of the annual Association budget and manages the operations to meet or exceed budgeted goals
  • Transmits the monthly reports to the IWLA Treasurer and Executive Committee with variance explanations
  • Oversees and manages the IWLA’s Investments via the Investment Policy of the Board of Directors
  • Acts as administrator and trustee of the 401(k) pension plan with the actuary and trustees to insure prudent investment of funds, conformance with legal requirements and timely and accurate filing of all compliance documents
  • Assures the filing of all government reports
  1. IWLA Insurance Company President:
  • Works closely with the Chairman and Executive Committee to provide advice in supervising the captive manager
  • Provides supplemental marketing services, through the Association, such as: promotions at the IWLA Annual Convention and industry events and preparation of target member lists for the on-shore consultant (program marketer)
  • Works with the IWLAIC travel committee to manage contracts and meeting logistics for the winter and fall meetings

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in business, political science, economics or related field; advanced degree and/or CAE preferred
  • A minimum of ten years’ senior leadership experience including significant staff, budget, operations, government affairs and marketing
  • Financial acumen and fiscally focused
  • Demonstrated ability to delegate and motivate a successful staff team, evidenced by long standing tenure of direct reports, staff trust and advancement
  • Strong oral and written communications skills including outstanding public speaking capabilities
  • Demonstrated experience and track record in advocacy and government affairs
  • Experience with a multi-faceted organization involving volunteer leadership, professional staff, large meetings, enduring educational materials and member service; association management experience preferred
  • Experience within the industry or a related logistics or supply chain field considered a plus
  • Understanding and comfort level with the use and integration of technology

Leadership Qualities and Personal Attributes:

The successful President and Chief Executive Officer must be a strategic and collaborative leader with high energy and a desire to innovate and establish operations on new projects in close partnership with a member driven association and volunteer leadership. The candidate must be the “head cheerleader” and present a positive image of the organization and industry. The candidate must encourage a culture of respect and communicate openly with IWLA officers and staff. He or she must have outstanding written and oral communication skills, problem solving and interpersonal skills, as well as an ability to listen and delegate effectively. The candidate must have a demonstrated knowledge of the political and legislative process and be able to articulate the IWLA’s value proposition (education, advocacy, and networking).

Places where work is performed:

The President & CEO’s office is in IWLA’s leased office space.  Travel duty may be up to 50% of the work.


The search for the IWLA President & CEO search is being conducted by Tuft & Associates.  Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to:

Jill Christie, President, Tuft & Associates, c/o


Interviews with the Search Committee will be held via Zoom in early November.

Following Zoom interviews, selected finalist candidates will meet with the Search Committee and Board of Directors in Chicago.

IWLA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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