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The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery was founded in 1967 and, growing steadily over the next five decades, was rebranded to The Aesthetic Society in 2019 to better reflect the procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, offered by its members. Comprised of more than 2,925 plastic surgeon members worldwide, The Aesthetic Society is recognized as the world’s leading organization dedicated to advancing the gold standard of aesthetic plastic surgery and medicine to transform lives.

The Aesthetic Society is best known for its popular and prestigious annual meeting, the flagship of the organization’s many educational events. The annual meeting hosts approximately 1,500-1,700 attendees and 130-150 exhibitors each Spring. In 2023, the meeting will be held in Miami Beach, Florida. The Aesthetic Society also offers a wide variety of regional meetings developed to meet the needs of its members. The organization takes pride in its ACCME accreditation. The Aesthetic Society is also known for its international Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a monthly peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, and its online, open-access journal, ASJ Open Forum. In addition, The Aesthetic Society has a 501(c)(3) charitable arm, The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF), with a mission of working toward advancing the safety and effectiveness of aesthetic medicine through support of independent, unbiased research and groundbreaking education.

With headquarters outside of Los Angeles in Garden Grove, California, The Aesthetic Society has a staff of approximately 36 association professionals and an annual budget of $11M. The Aesthetic Society’s mission is to advance the science, art, and safe practice of aesthetic plastic surgery and medicine through education, research, and innovation while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. The Aesthetic Society’s brand pillars are education, artistry, expertise, and beauty.


The Aesthetic Society Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the most senior member of The Aesthetic Society’s professional staff and, in that role, serves as the administrative and strategic partner to the Board of Directors. The position reports directly to the Board with immediate reporting to the President of the Board. The CEO oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization, as well as the activities and fundraising efforts of The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation. The CEO works in conjunction with the Publications Committee regarding the financial business operations of ASJ, and with The Aesthetic Society and Foundation’s Finance Committee for all aspects of budgeting processes.

The CEO supervises The Aesthetic Society senior leadership team which includes a Deputy Director, five senior directors (Industry Relations, Finance and HR, Communications and Marketing, Education, Web Development, and ASJ), and an executive assistant. Also reporting to the CEO through the Deputy Director, are the Senior Membership Manager, and the ASERF Director of Development.


The CEO works closely with the Board to develop and then fulfill strategic direction for the organization, providing leadership to and oversight of all organization activities and operations. The CEO ensures a smooth-functioning, efficient and profitable operation, guiding senior leadership and staff in implementing Board directives and in operationalizing plans for systems, processes and staffing. The CEO ensures recruitment and retention of high-performance leadership teams, fostering a collaborative, professional, success-oriented culture and an accountable environment within the organization. As a building owner, The Aesthetic Society holds a position on the business park management board, a position traditionally filled by the CEO.

Going forward, the CEO will work with the Board to identify key priorities. These priorities will include (but are not limited to) improving membership recruitment and retention, as well as member engagement; building a technology / data strategic plan that can leverage the assets of both ASERF and The Aesthetic Society; assess industry partnership potential, building appropriate and beneficial relationships; and managing the business of The Aesthetic Society and Foundation to ensure a future that is financially sound and successful.


Leadership: serves as trusted advisor to the Board; supports the Board in developing strategic direction and goals; ensures responsiveness through open and frequent communication with the Board.

Collaboration: builds a shared vision with others; mentors a high-performing staff team; and develops strong working relationships with volunteers to cultivate future leaders.

Strategic Focus / Forward Thinking: can work effectively with all levels of the organization to keep mission and values at the forefront; focuses on strategic priorities; contributes in a meaningful way to strategic planning.

Creative / Innovative: able to present new ideas and assess, modify and implement the best of those ideas through effective collaboration with Board and staff.

Personal Presentation / Communication: a “people person” able to clearly and articulately convey ideas with all stakeholders (members, staff, collaborating organizations, industry partners, vendors, etc.); serves as “face” of The Aesthetic Society with key contacts for international and domestic relationships; comfortable public speaker.

Business / Resource Management: demonstrates business/financial acumen; comfortable with numbers/budgets and complex financial situations; able to ensure effective and sustainable use of resources and assets (financial, human, physical, and information).

Staff Management: maintains an environment that fosters staff collaboration, teamwork, communication, effectiveness, efficiency, and fun; able to be a mentoring leader to staff.

Judgement: displays willingness and ability to make thoughtful decisions in a timely manner.

Ethics / Integrity: maintains highest degree of personal integrity, demonstrating honesty, transparency, and exemplary conduct.


  • Collaborates with the Board of Directors and with senior staff leadership to support development and implementation of the organization’s strategic direction.
  • Serves as a trusted advisor to the Board providing data, insight, options, and alternatives that facilitate the Board’s informed decision-making; generates topics for Board Executive Retreats.
  • Directly responsible for development and implementation of The Aesthetic Society and ASERF budgets, regular monitoring of progress, addressing variances, and forecasting future outcomes.
  • Maintains financial stability while striving for growth and diversification.
  • Manages marketing strategies to achieve identified goals and increase revenues.
  • Responsible to the Board for oversight and direction of all tech investments and business contracts and development.
  • Participates in planning and oversees implementation of The Aesthetic Society educational programming, including and especially the annual meeting.
  • Directs the appropriate integration of The Aesthetic Society brand across products and services.
  • Oversees all HR activities including hiring, firing, evaluations, and salary determinations; ensures an environment that fosters staff collaboration, effectiveness and fun.
  • Oversees Society industry relations, including the Premier and Alliance Partners programs.
  • Collaborates with legal counsel as necessary and appropriate.
  • Provides high-level oversight and management of The Aesthetic Society membership recruitment / retention and engagement programs; oversees all aspects of effective marketing efforts, meeting assigned goals.
  • Engages with membership to evaluate satisfaction, needs, and expectations.
  • Guides implementation of ASERF fundraising activities; evaluates and reports result.
  • Travel approximately 15% – average 3-5 days per month.


The ideal candidate will have demonstrated leadership experience as a senior executive in a healthcare or related organization. Important qualifications are: a solid understanding of organization management, including effective collaboration with the Board; budgeting and financial management; membership recruitment and retention; meeting planning; journal publishing; and educational programming. Additional understanding of and experience with foundation management and fundraising is highly preferred. A value-add experience includes an understanding of technology development processes and implementation. The successful candidate will have the ability to lead an organization with a high-performing professional staff and demonstrate a personal commitment to ensuring the success of the organization through strong working relationships with the Board and staff, but also with volunteers, corporate partners, and all The Aesthetic Society stakeholders. The Aesthetic Society CEO will be a self-starter able to identify, present, and deliver solid business strategies for the future.


  • Master’s degree in a relevant discipline or proven track record of successful experience in healthcare association management.
  • Demonstrated senior management experience in a relevant organization.
  • Proven track record working for and collaborating with boards of directors; experience working with physicians strongly preferred.
  • Success in building, motivating, and mentoring a high-performing staff team; solid management skills.
  • Experience with strategic planning at the senior management and Board levels.
  • Extensive experience effectively using various marketing methodologies, including traditional media and new technology platforms.
  • Financial / business acumen with demonstrated success in building and enhancing business success; extensive experience in all aspects of organizational budgeting.
  • Knowledge of foundation governance and operations.
  • Solid understanding of technology advances with success implementing technology for the betterment of an organization; familiarity with CRM and financial software program(s).
  • Understanding of how to tap the potential of social media appropriately to meet marketing goals and enhance brand.
  • Proven track record of successful collaborations and consensus building in a variety of contexts and levels (organization leadership/volunteers, members, staff, industry representatives, and other stakeholders).
  • Experience in successful contract negotiations, maintenance, and fulfillment.
  • Experience with the business of peer-reviewed journal publishing preferred.
  • Knowledge of educational programming development, implementation, and evaluation; well-versed in ACCME accreditation standards and processes.
  • Flexibility for partially remote candidates; a willingness to travel required.

Salary range is $250-325K+, commensurate with experience, plus generous benefits.


The Aesthetic Society has a strong reputation as the leading organization devoted to aesthetic plastic surgery and medicine. For all professional organizations today, member needs are evolving, and meeting those needs is critical to maintaining relevance. The Aesthetic Society is well positioned to take on the challenges of assessing and meeting member needs and identifying the opportunities that come with enhancing the value of membership, generating enthusiasm, building community, and increasing numbers–both membership and revenue, as well as reserves. Such challenges make this the prefect time to identify opportunities that can lead to innovative products and services, new venues for member engagement, creative ideas for industry collaborations, leveraging the potential of social media, and much more. The opportunity (and challenge) will be to build on The Aesthetic Society’s strong reputation and the dedication of its leadership and staff to develop forward-looking plans and specific goals that will strengthen and enhance the organization’s leadership role in aesthetic plastic surgery.

The new CEO will work with the Board to develop short- and long-term strategic goals so that the organization can adapt to member and stakeholder needs as well as to market and healthcare changes. In this way the organization can continue to grow its revenues and reserves, energize its membership, and enhance its relationships with industry. While following a long-serving predecessor is sometimes challenging, the new CEO will find that one of The Aesthetic Society’s strongest assets is its “family” of leadership and staff. Staff and the Board will work with the new CEO toward an even stronger and more far-reaching organization, one that can build on past success and move forward with creative ideas and innovative endeavors to achieve continued growth.


Tuft & Associates conducts phone/zoom interviews with qualified applicants

January – March, 2023

The Aesthetic Society selects candidates to be interviewed

Mid-March, 2023

The Aesthetic Society holds first round Zoom interviews with selected candidates

Late March – Early April, 2023

The Aesthetic Society interviews finalist candidates and makes decision regarding CEO position

Mid to Late April 2023

CEO ideal start date

July 2023

Tuft & Associates is accepting applications for the CEO position with The Aesthetic Society. Review of resumes is now underway. Applications will be accepted until March 3, 2023.  Those interested in applying should prepare a confidential resume and a cover letter, outlining specific qualifications related to this position profile. Please send resume and cover letter to:

Jill Christie, President

Tuft & Associates, Inc.


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