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Tuft President Jill Christie and consultants Mary McMahon and Kathy Bell share their insights into some trends they’re seeing in the marketplace and what employers and job candidates can expect in 2019:

  • Candidates’ market. Organizations have to be prepared to compete for quality candidates, many of whom are attracting more than one job offer and getting hired quickly. Employers should be ready to move fast to secure the best candidates. Since candidates feel that benefits reflect an organization’s culture, benefits packages are also an important factor in their decision making, says McMahon.
  • Work-life balance. Another trend is job seekers who are more carefully researching organizations and their culture to ensure there’s work-life balance, says Bell. Expect growing candidate interest in such opportunities as working from home one day per week, adjusting work hours (start earlier, leave earlier), and other factors.
  • Technology’s impact. Facing greater work demands, hiring managers and search committees are increasingly requesting video alternatives to in-person interviews, says McMahon. Requests to use Zoom, Skype, and other video tools are on the rise as time-saving and cost-cutting options for at least one round of interviews.

“We expect the workplace and the search process to keep evolving to take advantage of new technology and ensure greater time and cost efficiencies,” says Christie. “But there’s one place not to shortcut: Taking the time to properly assess candidates, whether on-screen or in-person.”