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Check here for recent placements and news about our search consultants. Read more about top professionals we work with who are taking on new challenges in leading organizations nationwide.

by Jill Christie, President, Tuft & Associates, Inc. The executive search process has certainly changed due to the pandemic, starting with little or no in-person interaction. It is that lack of personal contact and conversation in office settings that’s driving more candidates to take a deeper look at potential employers. They want to assess not only financial and strategic health, but also the organization’s culture and climate. Certainly, a comprehensive position description and fundamental organization materials from financials to strategic plans are important. B...

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Tuft President Jill Christie serves as Program Chair for the Network of Nonprofit Search Consultants (NNSC), which is comprised of more than 40 leading nonprofit search consultants in the United States and Canada. For the NNSC’s virtual fall meeting, NNSC invited a leading expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness: Kymberly Garrett, MBA, Chief People Officer, Children’s Bureau, Los Angeles, and a former in-house diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant. “We were pleased to wor...

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During this pandemic, and because of continued contact with our CEO placements, we recognize that leadership transitions are even more complex today. For many organizations, the combination of COVID’s impact, a top leadership change, and unresolved organizational issues can create an unsettled landscape. Instead of new CEOs immediately diving into full-scale strategic planning for the future, “we’re seeing that organizations need a modified approach, a Stage 1 Strategic Plan, designed to first address any obstacles in order to wipe the slate clean to be fully ready for comprehensive strategic planning,” says Tuft President Jill Christie. In a Stage 1 Strategic Plan, the focus is first on identifying critical, ...

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Matthew Moy Johnson

Matthew Moy Johnson, an experienced nonprofit executive, recently accepted a new challenge to become the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Cancer Research Foundation (CRF), Chicago. He was selected during a national search, led by Tuft & Associates.

Believing CRF has an important mission, Johnson was ready to help the organization realize its full potential.  His first day of work at CRF was March 16.  This also turned out to be his last da...

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