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Tuft President Jill Christie serves as Program Chair for the Network of Nonprofit Search Consultants (NNSC), which is comprised of more than 40 leading nonprofit search consultants in the United States and Canada.

For the NNSC’s virtual fall meeting, NNSC invited a leading expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness: Kymberly Garrett, MBA, Chief People Officer, Children’s Bureau, Los Angeles, and a former in-house diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant.

“We were pleased to work with Kymberly and with one another to learn more about the important issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness,” says Christie. “These complex issues require an ongoing commitment to thoughtful attention and meaningful discussion to examine how we can continue to grow and change effectively.”

Several key observations from Garrett’s presentation on Perceptions & Perspectives include:

  • “Putting diversity, equity, and inclusion language into action means intentionally cultivating and nurturing diverse relationships when they are not where you are looking.”
  • “Diversity is the concept that encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that everyone is unique—then recognizing and celebrating our individual differences while striving to understand and incorporate those differences into the overall landscape of culture and ideas.”
  • “Get comfortable rethinking much of what you thought to be true about the world and your workplace, and accept that you have likely been complicit in producing inequity.”