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Vice President of Marketing and Outreach, ISMIE Mutual Insurance Co. and Illinois State Medical Society

John Iwanski first joined the Illinois State Medical Society/ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company in February 2016 as Director of Marketing and Outreach. He was named an Associate Vice President in September 2016 and became a Vice President in September 2018.

Among his achievements, Iwanski says, first and foremost, it would be the development of an integrated marketing team that presently handles all of the organization’s print, digital, and live event marketing. He’s excited to have built a team that could expand visibility for the organization and help the company as it expanded into new markets, with new products and services. Says Iwanski: “While it’s been a lot of hard work, it’s supremely rewarding to see the achievements our team has put together in a very short time.”

Iwanski is also proud of helping to foster an environment to help ISMS/ISMIE transform its business. He explains: “We’re now using a customer relationship management (CRM) program to help us build relationships and develop new business opportunities. We’re integrating data and information to help us better identify and hone in on new business, and improving our analytics and measurement to help us incrementally improve our prospecting and business development processes over time.”

Ahead, Iwanski will continue to develop his marketing team and promote cross-departmental workgroups to “help us become more digitally savvy and engagement-focused. Data and analytics are transforming the medical professional liability market, and I’m excited about how we’re moving forward with integrating digital best practices, content, and presentation to help us grow leads, opportunities, and new business.”

ABOUT TUFT: “I valued a number of things, from the support and guidance to helping me understand how to best position myself and my background for the opportunity. More than anything else, it was having a team that was there for me to talk to and help understand–coach really–the way I should approach my search. There are always going to be parts of the search process that you won’t be as familiar or comfortable with, and everyone I worked with at Tuft & Associates did a wonderful job of helping educate me on those areas where I wasn’t as knowledgeable.

“Working with Tuft gave me additional confidence in my talents and abilities. They helped me not only in identifying an opportunity that I was truly excited about, but helped me understand what to do to be successful in that role. Jill Christie and Mary Nowesnick offered unbiased, independent counsel that really got me to focus not only on the areas that I was strong in, but also identify areas where I would need to improve. These are things that I’ve incorporated into my everyday work life. Tuft helped give me a broader perspective about how to approach the corporate world, something which has been very helpful to me and my career.”