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Tuft Consultants Badger and Henrichs Announce Retirements

Nationally recognized executive search consultants Carole Badger, JD, FASAE, CAE (RET.) and Kathleen R. Henrichs, PhD, recently announced their retirements from Tuft & Associates, Inc.

“Both Kathy and Carole are respected experts in the executive search field, who have been at the forefront of serving major Tuft clients across hundreds of leading associations, societies, and organizations nationwide. Their work as part of our excellent team has positioned Tuft & Associates as the leader in placing top-caliber CEOs and other senior executives throughout the country,” according to Tuft President Jill Christie.

“Kathy’s years of experience in medical association management, strategy, leadership, and governance contributed greatly to her success as a highly regarded and knowledgeable search consultant. Kathy has been an essential member of the Tuft team for 20 years and will be deeply missed,” says Christie.

“Carole provided unsurpassed association management and executive search expertise to the firm for more than 20 years. Carole’s positive influence and leadership insight has guided many aspiring CEOs and strengthened the many organizations she served through executive search,” Christie reports.

Kathy Henrichs served as the lead consultant for numerous medical society and health organization searches during her two decades with Tuft. Prior to joining Tuft & Associates, Kathy was Senior Vice President at the American Medical Association (AMA). She also served as Executive Director of the American Medical Association Foundation. One of her most notable achievements was turning the AMA Foundation into a thriving philanthropy with a $20 million endowment, a new Board of Directors, and an innovative program about health literacy that was featured in The New York Times.

An expert on changing medical practices, Kathy is the author of Practice Profiles in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and Practice Profiles in Family Medicine for the California Academy of Family Physicians. She also authored “The Future of Physician Practice,” a chapter in the three-volume Praeger publication, The Business of Healthcare.

Kathy is also the founder of Henrichs & Associates, a consulting firm that advises nonprofits on strategy and governance.

At Tuft & Associates, Carole Badger led more than 75 association CEO and senior management searches. Before her career at Tuft, Carole served for nearly 25 years as the chief paid executive of professional, business, and philanthropic organizations. During that time, she also led numerous evaluations of nonprofit associations in the United States for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and in Eastern Europe for USAID/Eastern European Real Property Foundation.

A lecturer and author on association management issues, Carole served as a board member and officer for numerous nonprofit organizations, including past President of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE) and a Board member of the American Society of Association Executives, where she served on the CAE Commission and chaired both the Peer Review Committee and the ASAE Foundation’s Best Practices Task Force. In addition to association evaluation for ASAE, she was also tapped as a frequent speaker and writer on association issues, leading to her selection as an ASAE fellow. Carole also received the WSAE Hall of Fame Award.