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Network (NNSC)


Network (NNSC)

Network of Nonprofit Search Consultants

Tuft & Associates is one of the two founders of the Network of Nonprofit Search Consultants, which is comprised of some of the leading nonprofit search consultants in the United States and Canada.

The purpose of the Network is to provide a forum for executive search consultants to discuss best practices in the field of retained search services predominantly for nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations. Individual members of the Network are nonprofit executive search consultants who meet the high standards and membership criteria set by the NNSC.

The goal of the Network is ultimately focused on the goals of client nonprofit organizations: to ensure that the best leadership is in place so the needs of others can be well-served.

“There is a special expertise required to recruit such inspired leadership,” says Tuft President Jill Christie. “Network members are continually expanding our knowledge and experience to benefit such organizations.”

An active member of NNSC, Christie currently serves as co-chair of the Program Committee.