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Search FAQs


Search Process

While a search is open, the Tuft team assigned to the client works on identifying and screening candidates for presentation, assisting the client with the candidate interview process, supporting negotiations between the client and candidate, and so on. Learn more about our approach during a search.

You can review our current list of open searches, as well searches that are in final stages, when clients are deliberating on final candidate choices. We also list positions filled when searches conclude after a final candidate has been selected.

It’s important to understand what an executive search firm does: We do not find jobs for individuals. We are hired by employers across association, foundation, nonprofit, and academic sectors to find the most suitable candidates to fill executive and senior-level positions. As executive recruiters we certainly want to know about good candidates to expand our own network and database from which we identify the right fit for a current or future search.

First, you should review our open searches to see if you meet position qualifications and requirements and believe you can be a fit. If so, please send us your resume and a cover letter. We will review your materials for the specific position to determine if you can advance in the process. If not, we’ll keep your resume in our database.

We take every precaution to safeguard the privacy of our candidates and we ask all parties to maintain strict confidentiality about organizations and applicants. However, if and/or when your candidacy should move forward and additional people are involved in the process, we are unable to guarantee confidentiality.

If we determine that you are a candidate who matches what an employer is seeking, we’ll do an in-depth interview with you so we can present to our client a comprehensive candidate profile, along with your resume. If you are selected for an interview with the employer, we will meet with you beforehand to provide information about the position, reporting relationships, organizational culture and so on.