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Erin McPartlin

Performance Metrics Advisor

Erin McPartlin

Erin has over 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience and guidance, with deep ties and connections across Chicago’s nonprofit community. As a former Executive Director, Erin offers organizations the benefit of her experience and insights into the skills and mindset needed for strategic scale, impact, and sustainability – as well as a keen understanding of the clarity required during times of leadership transitions and opportunities.
Erin served as the Executive Director of Tutoring Chicago for 18 years and recently shifted into nonprofit leadership consulting full-time. Erin consults with Tuft & Associates on comprehensive yet efficient screening tools and processes to best help their clients in the executive search for new leadership. Applying a holistic, 360-degree approach, her tools serve as a gauge of needs and expectations for the new leadership, establishing and measuring core competencies that shape the position profile and search criteria customized to each client.
Erin graduated from Marquette University with an interdisciplinary education and social sciences degree. Erin is active in her community of LaGrange, IL, where she and her husband are raising their four daughters.

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