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Chief Executive Officer, Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer

Anne M. Minton, MBA, became the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer (BOC), Omaha, NE, in May 2019.

Minton has been part of the BOC since 1998, starting as director of operations before being promoted to assistant executive director (2007-2014) and associate executive director (2014-2018). She was named COO in 2018.

Since transitioning into the CEO role, Minton has immersed herself in the future projects and programs the organization is developing, which include specialty certifications, international recognition arrangements, and the future of continuing professional certification for Athletic Trainer healthcare professionals. Minton has also invested time with staff, “looking deeply into enhancing the staffing and operations of the organization as we look to the future and develop business plans.” She also has spent time with individual leaders in the Athletic Training industry, as well as the credentialing industry, to “further my knowledge while strengthening existing relationships and making new ones.”

ABOUT TUFT: “I appreciated the one-on-one communication and guidance that the Tuft consultants, Jill Christie and Mary Nowesnick, offered me along the way. It felt like a trusted partnership, and I enjoyed working with their team of professionals. Tuft was a major asset to our Board of Directors along the way, as well. Our Board is a volunteer board, and Tuft recognized and appreciated that. The BOC Board worked diligently with the Tuft team who helped them every step of the way.

“Having the Tuft team’s expertise and guidance was invaluable. They were always there to answer any questions and work with me side-by-side along the way. By the time I was selected as a candidate and began the interview process, I was well-prepared and knew what to expect.”